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7 Desired Features You Want In A Heating Pad

On the previous blog post about heating pads, I discussed 5 factors that should serve as a warning to stay away from specific types of heating pads. Today, I want to focus on the features that make a heating pad a no-brainer of a buy. The following 7 desirable features of a quality heating pad are …

FIR-based heating pad

Far-Infrared (FIR)

Unlike the conventional electric heating pad, FIR-based heating pads penetrate your skin much more deeper, about 3 inches deep. And thus, this allows the heat to treat your pain more efficiently and enhance your body’s natural healing powers.

Natural Jade Stones

For a FIR-based heating pad to be effective, the mode used to deliver the heat is critical. And that being said, the use of jade stones are considered one of the best ways to distribute FIR waves to the treatment location because it is an efficient conductor of FIR heat. Once the jade stones are heated, the FIR waves are delivered deep and evenly into the area to be treated, providing a warm, soothing and cleansing action for pain relief.

No (Electromagnetic Fields) EMFs

Rather than the conventional electric heating pad, you want to look for one that is FIR-based. In general, those types of heating pads do not generate EMFs, which can be harmful to the human body.

Adjustable Heat Settings & Automatic Shut-Off

This is a critical feature as you want to avoid any fire hazard as possible. Having the ability to adjust the heat of the heating pad, as well as have an automatic shut-off feature bodes well for your comfort, as well as helps you avoid any chance of fires if you were to fall asleep while using the heating pad.

Flexible But Sturdy

You want to look for a good quality FIR-based heating pad that’s constructed to last a while. And you want the heating pad to be flexible so that you can use it to treat various locations on your body. And moreover, a flexible heating pad will allow you to wrap it around, say your arms, legs, or knees to provide overall comfort and treatment for pain relief.

Quick Heating

Which would you rather get? A heating pad that takes forever to heat up or one that generates comfortable heat in a short while? Well, I’d rather feel the warmth from a heating pad in just few minutes or so!

A Guarantee

I’d make sure that there’s at least a one-year guarantee on your heating pad in the event that it becomes non-functioning. And that should cover all the labor and materials involved to get it fixed or replaced. Why? Because I believe that a company that produces quality FIR-based heating pads will stand behind their workmanship.


I hope the two-part blog post on heating pads gave you some ideas on what to look for if you’re in the market for one. Take care and I’ll see you on the next post!


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