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A Good Pillow Works Wonders To Relieve Your Neck Pain

Any pillow good for neck pain
People spend approximately a third of their lives sleeping, and so it makes a whole lot of sense that a good pillow can help relieve your neck pain. A well-designed pillow that supports your neck will help people that suffer from neck pain along with preventing neck problems in non-sufferers. Neck pain, tense muscles and discomfort are increasingly common due to pillows that offer little neck support or are too soft, high, or stiff. Instead of waking up refreshed, many people feel worse with shoulder, back, and/or neck pain. Other symptoms of improper upper back and neck support include neck stiffness, numbness in the hands and arms, insomnia, headaches, and sometimes even snoring. It is important for people to realize they should replace their pillow ever year or two because they eventually break down and often cause more harm than good.

A specially designed neck pain pillow can help prevent this by:

  • Supporting the neck’s natural curvature or lordosis
  • Cradling the head
  • Aligning the cervical spine to a neutral position
  • Enabling shoulder rotation

When sleeping, if you do not use a pillow or have a pillow that is too soft, your neck will be unsupported, which often leads to neck strain. Some people use two or three pillows that positions their head too high, or an extra firm or stiff pillow which can cause inflammation from muscle strain and uneven joint pressure. One of the best solutions for a neck pain sufferer is to replace his or her old, worn out, too soft or hard pillow with a quality, well designed, neck pain pillow. Whether your prefer a foam type pillow, poly-filled pillow, down feathered pillow, or some other type, be sure to select only a quality neck pain pillow so it gives you the support and comfort necessary for a great night sleep. For anyone suffering from neck pain, an aching back or insomnia, spending a little extra on a quality, pillow that supports your neck is worth the price in gold when it results in you getting a comfortable, peaceful, good night rest.

A premium, neck pain pillow should have a contour that accommodates the necks natural curves and proper posture. Whether a person sleeps on his or her back or side, a neck pain pillow needs to mold to and support the head and neck in the proper position. If you sleep on your side, your head needs pillow support approximately two inches higher as compared to someone sleeping on their back.

When selecting a pillow to help support your neck and relieve your neck pain, make sure the pillow gives your head proper and adequate height support, whether sleeping on your back or side. For individuals that sleep on their back, a neck pain pillow that provides good upper back and neck support is a must. These types of pillows will prevent your head from tilting unnaturally, and stop it from rolling or moving sideways while sleeping. So when you have neck pain, think quality pillow!


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