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Alternative Back Pain Treatment May Be the Newer Trend

Back pain is a serious yet common problem that will plague 80% of the population at one time or another in their lifetime. Some individuals suffer from acute back pain that disappears in a few days or weeks, while others suffer from chronic back pain that lasts for months or longer. There are various forms of treatments for back pain, beginning with simple pain relievers and physical therapy to surgery for serious back injuries. Lately, more back pain sufferers are resorting to alternative back pain treatments as opposed to the traditional methods that have been used over the years. One reason for the alternative back pain treatment is convenience and another reason is cost.

There is a ton of news about prescription drugs and their side effects that many are resorting to alternative back pain treatments where they won’t need these drugs. If an alternative back pain treatment is successful in treating and curing the back pain, the individual can avoid all those medical tests, injections, physical therapy, including the possibility of surgery. This will surely save the patient a lot of money on medical bills and health care costs.


Natural Back Pain Relievers


Another name for alternative back pain treatment is “natural” back pain treatment. Many individuals have had success with these methods and have been able to lead normal lives during the treatments. Some of the alternative back pain treatment methods that are being used are:

Acupuncture. Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted along a pathway where there is pain on the back. The pain, according to this form of treatment, is generated from energy that is being blocked. So a simple explanation would be that the needles are used to unblock the area to release the energy. It has been said that individuals receiving acupuncture treatments for their back pain experienced pain relief much faster, and for a longer duration as compared to traditional back pain treatments.

Capsaicin (cap-SAY-sin) Cream. Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers. It has been found that rubs containing this ingredient is effective in providing pain relief. You can find them in health food stores, drug stores and even online.

Vitamin D. This vitamin is known to support bone strength and muscles, and when you are deficient in Vitamin D there has been reports that it may cause chronic pain in your back muscles. Good sources of Vitamin D are (of course!) sunlight, fish (e.g., salmon, tuna, flounder), milk, pork, and eggs.

Music Therapy. As I have discussed in previous blog post, stress is a factor to contend with when dealing with back pain. And it has been shown that listening to soft music serves as a relaxant and as an anti-depressant for people with chronic back pain, helping individuals reduce their anxiety levels and depression.

Vitamin B-12. It has been found that this vitamin is effective in relieving pain for back pain sufferers. Meat as well as dairy products are excellent sources of Vitamin B-12.

Magnesium. This mineral is excellent for supporting muscle growth and strong bones, as well for your body’s immune system. This will help you minimize the effects of back pain.

Bowen therapy, Yoga and Willow Bark are other alternative back pain treatment methods many are looking at to find relief from their back pain. And here are some other natural ingredients that are sought after from individuals suffering from back pain … menthol, MSM, CMO, ignatia, lachesis mutus, phosphorous, belladonna, rhus tox, naja, proteolytic enzymes, bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, devil’s claw, boswellia extract, vitamin E, ginger extract, rutin, citrus bioflavanoids, l-glutathione and mojave yucca (root). That was a mouthful, huh? And the good news is that you can find a rubbing cream (Rub-On-Relief) and a supplement (Heal-N-Soothe) that contains several of the natural ingredients just mentioned from the site The Healthy Back Institute, and which has been used effectively to combat back pain.


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