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Avoid Back Pain With Supportive And Flexible Shoes

On a previous blog post I discussed the issue of how some types of shoes can cause and aggravate back pain. Not sure if I made enemies that day, but it is what it is. Shoes like high heels, flip flops and those once-popular toning shoes should not be worn if you suffer from back pain. Of course, there are some exceptions when it comes to flip flops and toning shoes. Bottom line, you should spend your money wisely, and purchase flexible shoes that have good support. They need to gently cushion your feet as you walk. What comes to mind are tennis shoes, running and crossfit shoes which are nicely designed footwear that provide great support and comfort, and more importantly, help you combat back pain.

Sneakers Good For Back Pain


Now you don’t have to shop at some specialty shoe store and purchase those specialized orthopedic-type shoes! Not at all. There are a ton of shoes out there that are nicely priced, and will provide your feet with the support and comfort needed to maintain good spine and back health. And that being said, the experts at The Healthy Back Institute recommend you find shoes …

  • with a low heel, which should be less than one inch of elevation
  • with a contoured insole for arch support
  • that are flexible and not stiff like flats or flip flops
  • with at least a half inch of wiggle room for your toes so they can properly flex and grip as you walk
  • that feel comfortable without that pinching or binding feeling in your foot
  • that carry the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance


Remember the tips discussed in today’s blog post when you shop for your next set of shoes. Doing so will keep your spine and back happy! Now if you are suffering from back pain, picking up shoes that fit the criteria above will definitely provide much needed relief and not aggravate the pain when you walk. The best thing you could do right now is get rid of those poorly designed shoes that do nothing but aggravate your foot and cause back pain, and replace them with those foot-healthy and back-healthy shoes!


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