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Back Pain Guide For Golfers

Golf and Back PainGolf is a sport of patience and finesse. Golfers must coordinate their hands and eyes to hit the ball in the perfect spot on the green. The better a golfer becomes, the more their putting and driving skills increase. But, in general, golf is a difficult sport to master because the body movements are just plain unnatural! And to play golf with back pain makes it that much more difficult. On today’s blog post, I like to present an article from the site Lose The Back Pain. In that article, Jesse Cannone (CFT, CPRS, MFT) discussed the common causes of back pain in the sport of golf, and some ways to combat the pain and start enjoying the game again.


Golfers Guide to Back Pain Relief

Golf is hard enough without trying to play through back pain and sciatica. If you can still play at all, there’s simply no way lower back pain or sciatica won’t affect your game.

Today I’ll share the common causes of golf-related back pain along with some simple ways you can overcome the frustration and finally get your swing back.

Is Your Golf Swing Causing Your Back Pain?

Playing golf involves several movements that can often make you feel pain. Bending over to pick up the ball… rotating your back to swing… the impact you feel when your club hits the ground.

What, I’m the only one that miss-hits a ball every once in a while?”

Click the link to continue reading the article ===>>> Golfer’s Guide To Back Pain

The article concluded that the common cause of back pain in golfers is due to muscle imbalances, being overweight, and having a weak core and lower back muscles. The article also pointed out that simple stretches and “generic exercises” do more harm than good when it comes to back pain. And moreover, you need to get to the real cause of the back pain.


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