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Back Pain May Cause Alzheimer’s?

Back Pain And Alzheimer's ConnectionI read this interesting article at the Healthy Back Institute site which associates back pain and Alzheimer’s disease.  I did not even consider this connection, but after reading the article it makes sense … very clear sense. The main premise of the article is inflammation, and we know how it can cause a whole boat load of chronic disorders if left to go out of control.  Anyways, here’s the article …



WARNING:  Back Pain May Lead to Alzheimer’s

When you think of back pain, you probably don’t think of Alzheimer’s. But there’s growing evidence that back pain can lead to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
If you suffer from back pain, please take the time to learn this connection below in order to avoid it (and please share this with others who experience back pain, too!)

The back pain and Alzheimer’s connection first came to light when it was seen that many back pain sufferers also complained of memory loss. And one woman’s story serves as a good example of why this strong connection may exist…

This woman suffered chronic hip and low back pain for years. The cause was diagnosed as degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis (a common lower back condition, and a fancy word for a slipped disk where one vertebra slips forward over the one below it… but as you’ll see, the Alzheimer’s connection can exist with ALL kinds of back pain).

She did all she knew of at the time to correct the problem, but she never fully fixed her back injury. As a result, her body was in a constant state of trying to heal …”

Click the link to continue reading the article: WARNING:  Back Pain May Lead to Alzheimer’s



Did you read the article?  I never did make the connection between back pain and Alzheimer’s, but after reading the article it really opened up my eyes regarding this “evil villain” called inflammation.  Maybe in a future blog I will talk about an anti-inflammation diet.  Till next time, live safe and happy … and if you have back pain, don’t ignore it but treat it!


Healthy Back Institute


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