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Back Pain Relief Via High Frequency Stimulation?

There are many sufferers of back pain in the world. Most people are unaware of just what to do to get rid of the pain and so they continue to suffer. Worse yet, they rely on dangerous prescription pain killers which can be highly addictive or OTC pain drugs, which both may pose negative effects to your health after prolonged use. However, back pain is not fun, it’s debilitating, and can rob the quality of your life. I found this article on the site Medical News Today which talks about “a new type of spinal cord stimulation” with promising results to help relieve your back pain.

High Frequency Stimulation for back pain

High Frequency Stimulation Eases Back Pain

A new device helps reduce severe back and leg pain, significantly improving patients’ quality of life, according to research from the Pain Management and Neuromodulation centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The technology is a new type of spinal cord stimulation, where small leads implanted near the spinal cord send high frequency electrical pulses. This disrupts pain signals to the brain, reducing constant, severe back and leg pain.”

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Did you have a chance to read the entire article? If you didn’t, do yourself a favor, especially if you suffer from back pain, and read it. It  sounds like science fiction, but this new technology appears to have greatly improved upon the current, conventional low frequency stimulation treatment for those suffering from back pain. In fact, people have complained about the pain they experience from the low frequency stimulation treatment as “worse than their back pain”! Individuals receiving high frequency stimulation treatment for their back pain do not experience the same unbearable sensation as the conventional treatment, and moreover, have reported a significant decrease in their back pain.


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