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Back Pain Words Of Wisdom

Back Pain 10 CommandmentsDo you suffer from back pain? Does it affect your daily life? Do you often avoid exercise or other activities because of your back pain? You aren’t alone. Back pain is a common problem. Read on to find out some pro tips from Steve Hefferon, co-founder of the site, who lays out some things you can follow to help you combat that nagging back pain of yours.


The 10 Back Pain Commandments

We get thousands of email from people all over the world asking our advice about back pain. Despite over a hundred articles available on, and in our weekly emails, people still confuse the forest for the trees. There are just so many areas to consider when dealing with the totality of back pain.

So to make things simple, I’ve decided to set down the essentials of back pain relief. I have thought it over and can say without a doubt that there is a definitive set of things that need to be followed to relieve and/or prevent back pain. These I like to call, The 10 Back-Pain Commandments.”

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Here’s a summary of his back pain 10 commandments:

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Sit Straight
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Change Your Diet
  • Don’t Wear Heal Lifts
  • Release the Mind
  • Exercise Properly
  • Your Condition May Not Be So Important
  • Get Proper Sleep
  • Knowledge is Power

As you know, if you’re a sufferer of back pain, it can negatively impact your life and cause you to have trouble with daily activities. And now that you know the “10 Back Pain Commandments”, you have a systematic process to help you relieve and prevent back pain, and moreover, improve your quality of life!


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