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Best Lower Back Pain Exercises

There are alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription pain killers when it comes to finding relief from your lower back pain. And even before you start looking into more serious and expensive treatments, you may want to look into various lower back pain exercises. Heck, you never know … these exercises could be just what the doctor ordered to help you find pain relief and get back to a happy state of mind. And that being said, here are some lower back pain exercises you could try out. When you feel pain coming while performing them, stop! You don’t want to further aggravate your back pain.


Lunges For Lower Back Pain   Lunges for Lower Back Pain

This exercise may appear to be difficult to do, especially if you never performed lunges before. However, if you stick to it, these exercises will help provide relief from your lower back pain. Lunges focus on your lower back and thighs, and will help provide flexibility and a good range of motion in the muscles in that area.

This is definitely one of the best lower back pain exercises that you can try, even if you have chronic back pain and have been suffering with it for years now.


Yoga For Lower Back PainLower Back Pain Stretches

If you performed stretches before working out or an exercise such as yoga, then you have first hand experience of using an effective exercise to relieve lower back pain. You want to perform the stretches so as to focus on those muscles in your lumbar region. There are various stretches that you can do for your lower back pain, and if you are not sure which ones to do, you may want to consult a physical therapist. This individual will provide you with professional advice so that you can perform the appropriate stretches, and in the correct form.


There are various exercises that are available to deal with your back pain. And the most critical factor is that you perform the appropriate ones, and do them correctly. And that’s the reason you may want the assistance of a professional to instruct you and insure that you are doing them right to relieve your lower back pain.


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  1. Ollie says:

    To get relief from back pain or lower back pain regular exercise is must. Yes, there are various exercise and treatments for back pain. Some of them are so expensive. The inversion table therapy is one of the best exercise for lower back pain. But of course you need to ask a doctor or specialist before starting any exercise or treatment.

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