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Can Antibiotics Cure Chronic Back Pain?

What? I always thought antibiotics were used to fight off bacterial infections. It sort of gives your immune system a boost in killing bacteria or stop them from propagating themselves within the body. But scientists have discovered that antibiotics can cure chronic back pain? Well it appears they have. In fact, neurologists are calling it a “Nobel Prize” like breakthrough. That being said, here’s the article from the site Medical News Today:


Antibiotics May Cure 40% Of Chronic Back Pain Cases

The scientists demonstrated an association between long-term back pain and infection with Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium commonly found on human skin that is involved in causing acne.

According to trial evidence, administering antibiotics to clear infection may bring an end to the constant lower back pain and all the misery that comes with it – offering a simpler, better and much cheaper option than surgery.

If the results of the trial can be confirmed in larger studies, millions of people around the world who suffer from long-term back pain could experience a complete change in quality of life.”

Click the link to continue reading the article ===>>> Antibiotics May Cure Chronic Back Pain

This study definitely provides hope for the millions of individuals suffering from chronic back pain. However, you need to be careful not to go heavy on antibiotics, since they are known to kill the beneficial bacteria in your body. Also, the study used amoxicillin. Now if you are allergic to that antibiotic, then by all means you should not be taking it! I should know since I am allergic to amoxicillin. This study is great news for many back pain sufferers, however, we all have unique needs, and the one-size fits all theory is far from perfect. Perhaps natural back pain relief is the way to go?


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