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Can Lower Back Pain Cause Leg Pain?

Is it possible that when you feel pain in your leg(s), that the root cause may not originate from your foot or ankle? Believe it or not, a common occurrence of leg pain could be due to lower back pain, as a result of a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or even spondylolisthesis. Such conditions appear to aggravate a nerve root (i.e., the sciatic nerve), causing pain to shoot down into the leg and even the foot. The following article from the site Spine-Health discusses this in more detail, and so without further ado, here’s the article:

Sciatic Nerve, lower back pain and leg pain

Leg Pain and Numbness: What Might These Symptoms Mean?

Leg pain can range from a mild nuisance that comes and goes, to debilitating pain that makes it difficult to sleep, to walk or engage in simple everyday activities. The pain can take many different forms – some patients describe the pain as aching, searing, throbbing, or burning, and it can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as a pins-and-needles sensation, and/or leg or foot numbness or weakness.

Leg pain may be caused by a problem in the leg, but often it starts with a problem in the lower back, where the sciatic nerve originates, and then travels along the path of the nerve (called sciatica).

For this reason, diagnosis of anyone with leg pain, foot pain, and/or leg or ankle or foot weakness or numbness, should include an examination of the lower back.”

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The article from Spine-Health gives the average layman a good understanding of the various forms of leg pain, and the lower back pain conditions that could potentially cause leg pain and foot pain. If you haven’t read the article yet, do yourself a favor and read it, especially if you are experiencing leg and/or foot pain. You may discover that your leg or foot pain is actually the result of your lower back pain!


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