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Your one-stop shop of natural remedies for chronic pain. Achieve back ache pain relief & relieve sciatic pain with bulging disc exercises.

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  1. I currently receive Heal n’soothe from The Healthy Back Institute on a recurring automatic basis, billed to my credit card. It is not effective and I definitely want you to cease delivering it effective immediately upon receipt of this e-mail — no questions asked or counter offers. Please stop at once — period! Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail promptly. Thank you, Gwendolyn A. Galusha

    • PainMgr says:

      I have acknowledged receipt of your issue via a PM to you. Please do contact The Healthy Back Institute right away to resolve your issue. We’re very sorry the product did not help you.

  2. Acknowledgment should be on e-mail address:

    • PainMgr says:

      Thank you, I have sent you a PM regarding your issue. Again, we do apologize that the product did not work for you.

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