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Do You Have An iPad Neck Pain?

With technology advancing so fast and the growing popularity of mobile computing with the introduction of tablet PCs like the iPad, tech-based injuries have become commonplace as well.  With the constant use of the iPad for texting your friends and fellow colleagues, watching streaming video from NetFlix or just browsing the web, you’re just asking for a stiff neck or an irritating neck pain!  It has been found that such devices as the tablet PC causes more movement of your neck and head as compared to the more traditional desktop PCs.

Some call the tablet PCs an ergonomic nightmare since it causes you to look down at the device while having the leaning or hunching over type of position.  Due to the stress on the neck and shoulders, what results is neck pain as well as shoulder strain.  And, you may end up with poor posture issues as well.  The recommended “fix” is to place the tablet higher on the table in a 90-degree angle or close to a perpendicular position to the table.

Here’s a video that discusses the results of the extensive use of tablet PCs, and what to do about it:



Go easy on the tablet PCs so that you don’t strain your neck and shoulders!  I hope today’s blog post gave you some tips on avoiding tech-based issues like neck pain and shoulder strain caused by the use of tablet PCs.



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