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Does Good Nutrition Positively Affect Back Pain?

So much of our health and well being is directly linked to the nutrition that we eat. If we eat right and take care of ourselves then we stand a greater chance of living longer, healthier lives. And good nutrition has the potential to help you combat back pain as well. This article, from the site Lose The Back Pain, presents various options for you to start implementing better nutrition into your diet, and with the premise that it will help you experience relief from your back pain.

Can Proper Nutrition and Supplementation Heal Your Back Pain?

Anyone looking to achieve optimal health has to consider nutrition as the single most important ingredient for success. In a perfect world, all of our nutrition should come from the food we eat. Supplementation should not even be an issue. In the real world, however, most of the foods we eat are riddled with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and hormones – not to mention that they are often hydrated with polluted water. In addition, an ever-growing percentage of our food comes from other countries, which don’t always have the best inspection track record. And if all that weren’t bad enough, the natural nutrient value of the soil that produces these foods has also been diminishing over the years, a trend that will only continue. This is why it’s necessary for us to take a hard look at our diets and make a decision about whether we may need supplements.”

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Steven Hefferon (CMT, CTP, CPRS) discussed his nutritional recipe for relief by covering topics such as water, protein, fats, and carbs, and his rationale for supplementation. I don’t agree with all his ideas about supplementation, however, taking a multi-vitamin and systemic enzymes (aka proteolytic enzymes) is a good idea. You can always visit your local farmer’s market and find fresh fruits and veggies to upgrade your nutrition. I enjoy fresh kale, Bok Choy and Won Bok … types of veggies that are great sources of fiber and nutrients.

Do you agree with Steven Hefferon’s position on nutrition and supplementation, and that it’s a positive step towards experiencing back pain relief?



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