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Golf Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Golf and lower back painIt’s true, one of the most wonderful places to enjoy nature and life is on the golf course.¬†Most country clubs feature perfectly mowed greens and clean, pristine golf courses. You’ll feel a pull to play because of how well the grounds are maintained. But did you know that golf injuries to the lower back are the most common problems in both the professional and amateur player?


Lower Back Pain and Golf

Low back pain represents one of the most common and costly diagnoses that the health profession manages on a continuous basis. It is one of the most common reasons to visit a physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor. The costs for evaluating and treating low back pain patients are estimated to be beyond $50 billion dollars a year in the U.S. Regardless of the costs from the multiple diagnostic options, physical therapists and other healthcare practitioners must become more efficient and effective with their treatment plans. Treatment must be aimed at the individual with the back problem rather than the back problem itself. It is crucial for the clinician to include in their clinical assessments to examine the person and their ability to function, and not just focus on the traditional clinical tests of impairments such as range of motion and strength tests.”

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Did you have a chance to read the informative article? If not, and you’re an avid golfer but with a nagging back pain, then you should read it! It not only explains how you can be vulnerable to lower back pain when golfing, but it also gives you a golfer’s checklist to a healthy back.


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