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Great Ways To Fight The Pain Of Arthritis

Many people who have arthritis feel down and out, especially due to the pain it generates and the fact that it can immobilize you. As previously mentioned, arthritis is a form of joint disorder. The inflammation around the joints is responsible for the pain experienced by arthritis sufferers. One way to relieve the pain in the joints is to rub castor oil into the joints. This vegetable-based oil is great for your joints, and the massaging action of rubbing the oil into your joints further enhances its beneficial effects. That’s just one tip … read on for more valuable tips on combating arthritic pain.

Fight Arthritis Pain

TIP! Contrary to some medical conditions, research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption does not worsen arthritis. Surprisingly, these studies instead came to the conclusion that drinking moderately could reduce the intensity of symptoms.

Think about taking up yoga to elevate your overall health if you are suffering from arthritis. Yoga combines stretching and meditation which can help you cope with the pain and frustration associated with arthritis. You can start out with a yoga DVD if you aren’t ready to join a class in person. Working out through a DVD allows you to follow a great exercise routines without ever having to leave your home.

Get plenty of protein. If you suffer from arthritis, your body uses more protein than a non-arthritic person. Therefore, it is vital that you eat enough of it. Vegetarians in particular need to find good sources of protein such as tofu, legumes and cheese. Eat these regularly to keep pain and inflammation at bay.

Call on the aid of a friend or family member to help organize your home. This will help you create a more accessible living environment when dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. Prioritize objects when putting them on shelves. Put the necessities you use most lower down so that you do not stress your body when you have flare ups.

TIP! Ending your day with a warm salted bath can alleviate sleep troubles and insomnia related to arthritis. Doing this will relax your muscles and joints, which will relieve some of the pain, and in turn will help you to get to sleep easier.

Start treatment right away if you are told that you have acute arthritis. Arthritis has no cure, but early treatment can lessen harmful symptoms. Early treatment involves seeing your doctor and receiving a diagnosis, as well as taking medications as soon as they are prescribed.

Keeping your joints in motion will reduce stiffness and pain. Even if you feel pain, moving is the best way to solve your problems. Even the simplest of movements will decrease joint pain and improve your overall health. Maintaining a healthy routine that includes exercise will play a key role in helping you defeat the pain that is associated with arthritis.

TIP! Get checked for vitamin deficiencies by your doctor. A deficiency in certain nutrients, including iron and vitamin B-12, can cause painful arthritis flare-ups.

Stop arthritis before it starts. Proper typing techniques will help prevent arthritis pain from improper typing positions. Be sure your hands are held level to the keyboard and use a wrist support with your mouse. These techniques are helpful for reducing the stress on your hands, which prevents further damage later in life.

The field of medicine is advancing at an unprecedented rate, so there is a high probability of an arthritis cure being developed in the future. Until then however, do whatever you can to fight off the symptoms. The advice that you read in today’s blog post may not change your life, but at the very least, I hope that it can help you get a handle on dealing with the physical pain of arthritis.


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