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History Of TENS Therapy

I found this very informative article on the site Drug Free Pain Management.  Introducing TENS TherapyThe author discusses the interesting history of TENS Therapy, what it was initially used for, and why the therapy was shelved for many years prior to its recent interest .  Oh, and by the way, the article also links to a page that explains all the TENS “jargon”, such as …

  • Current

  • Pulse

  • Waveform

  • Frequency

  • Duration

  • Intensity

  • TENS Modes (e.g., Conventional, Acupuncture-like, Modulated)

Enjoy the read!




TENS Therapy Not Only For Pain Relief, Also Tissue Repair

“Way back when TENS was invented in the US for the purpose of post operative pain relief, there was no billing code to reimburse the hospitals for their costs in using the TENS machine, so the idea was quickly shelved.

Because, at that time,  TENS  was indicated only for ‘chronic pain’, and an operation was not ‘chronic’ there was no coverage. So, in the U.S.  post operative TENS therapy, and TENS for obstetric use, died for 30 plus years, although it was being used extensively for obstetrics in Europe.

However, while TENS machines were being used post operatively, several important facts were realized, and noted. The most notable effects of the TENS use was for patients who had Abdominal Surgery.“To continue reading the article, click over here ===>>> TENS Therapy Not Only For Pain Relief




It was very interesting to find that TENS Therapy had its origins many years ago, in the 1850′s.  During that time, you had to manually control the on/off states of the DC and AC electrical currents while performing the therapy.  Today, thanks to modern technology, TENS therapy is performed by TENS devices which automatically generate DC and AC currents.

Here’s a nice video that explains what a TENS unit/device is, its functions and effectiveness on providing pain relief:




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