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How Does Nav1.7 Channels Affect Pain Relief?

Do you remember that Sci Fi show “Pain Killer Jane” and how she possessed the holy grail of pain relief? If you forgot, or never saw that show, it was about a female heroine who never felt pain. So you can figure out how her super power played out in the show, right? Anyways, I think the female actress gained notoriety from one of the Terminator movies. But did you know that there are a small number of individuals who actually have that trait? Check out this article from the site, that discusses the discovery of how Nav1.7 channels are involved with the ability to not feel pain, and the implications of pain relief treatments.

Holy Grail of Pain Relief


British Scientists Discover Powerful New Pain Relief Drug

Pain can be mental or physical, but either way, being in pain is a truly miserable experience. Minor pain is tolerable. If you stub your toe or the cat scratches your arm the unpleasant sensation you experience doesn’t last for long. More acute pain, such as the pain experienced by cancer patients or the intense nerve pain resulting from a trapped sciatic nerve can be excruciating and difficult to deal with in the long term.

Interestingly, a handful of people in the world are unable to experience any pain whatsoever. Due to a genetic abnormality, this small group of individuals lack ion channels, which in normal people are used to transport sodium across sensory nerves. These channels, known as Nav1.7 channels, allow nerve cells to communicate pain to the brain, and without them the individual can’t feel any type of pain.”

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To never feel pain at all. Is that a blessing or curse? What do you think?

The article did not mention any effective and safe treatments that have resulted from this discovery so far. However, it is hopeful that the medical and scientific community is continuing their research to find answers to combat chronic pain. Remember, our bodies respond differently to pain treatments. You need to find one that works. Always do your due diligence when it comes to finding your “holy grail” for pain relief.



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