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I Purchased Rub On Relief For My Wrist Pain!

Rub On ReliefI must say that ordering online was a breeze, and I was impressed at how quickly I received the pain relief cream, Rub On Relief.  I ordered one tube, but I also received a bonus ebook titled “10 Ways To Triple The Effectiveness Of Rub On Relief.”  The ebook offers tips on enhancing the use of the pain relief cream, such as the use of ice or heat prior to its use.  So far, I have used it on my right wrist for relief, as well as on my lower back to relieve the pain in that area.  You definitely get quick pain relief, however, depending on your condition, it may be necessary to apply the cream several times a day.  Since I use my wrists often at work or during my workouts, it took a little longer to heal, but using some of the techniques on the ebook has helped big time … especially the wrap and bandage trick.

I also received two $10 coupons from The Healthy Back Institute, one that I can instantly use on the next order of $50 or more, and one after completing their 60-second survey, which I can use to get $10 off my next purchase.

Do I like the product, Rub On Relief?  Yes, I do.  In fact, I think it’s a good idea to include it in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit.  And unlike those off-the-counter pain relief cream, Rub On Relief is not greasy and does not have a sharp menthol smell at all.  Even though the label on the tube says “UNSCENTED”, it does have a very, very, very mild and pleasant smell.  Put it on before bedtime, before work and even during work.  I don’t know about you, but having greasy hands after applying a cream is not my idea of a feel good situation … or the constant odor of a strong menthol smell.  Rub On Relief, thank goodness, does not have any of those characteristics.

And, moreover, Rub On Relief does not contain preservatives or chemicals that could potentially be toxic, but only natural healing ingredients.  And thus, there are zero side effects, no upset stomach episodes, and no adverse side effects or reactions as a result of using the pain relief cream.  Here’s a table of its active ingredients and their healing properties:

Menthol 2x (1.25%) Pain relief
Rhus Tox 4x Eases sprains, arthritic pain and backaches
Belladonna 6x Stops shooting pain
Magnesium Sulfate 3x Relaxes muscle spasms
Phosphorous 6x Soothes burning pain
Ignatia 12x Calms pain related to emotional upsets
Lachesis Mutus 8x Relief of sciatica pain
Naja 12x Relieves inflammation and pain in nerve tissue



I showcase a number of pain relief products from The Healthy Back Institute, including Rub On Relief.  If you’re interested, click on this link, The Healthy Back Institute, and it will take you to their quality pain relief products, including Rub On Relief.

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