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Keyboards That Reduce Neck Pain?

I’m either on a notebook or desktop many hours a day, and there is a difference when it comes to my neck as well as my overall posture when using both.  In fact, for me, working on a notebook is much more comfortable. It may have something to do with how the notebook’s screen is designed.  That is, it’s right there … right in front of you.  There’s not much distance from the keyboard to the screen on the notebook.  In contrast, the distance between the desktop’s keyboard and monitor can be significantly further away.  And that could be the issue with trying to maintain a good posture as well as minimizing neck pain.  Well, guess what?  A company in Israel has come up with an ergonomic keyboard that claims to reduce neck pain.  Read the article below from the site Tom’s Hardware to get the details on this keyboard.

PC Keyboard for neck pain?


Keyview-Smartype Keyboard Designed to Avoid Neckpain

From typewriters and clumsy Cherry keyboards we mid-30s still remember, we have seen low profile keyboards, OLED programmable key keyboards and touchscreen keyboards. But essentially, keyboards are still the same they were 20, 30 or 50 years ago.

To continue reading the article, click on the link below:
Keyview-Smartype Keyboard Designed to Avoid Neckpain

I guess there’s a big chunk of individuals using tablet PCs and smart phones, snickering that they don’t need the use of a keyboard.  Maybe not at home, but most jobs do require access to a desktop, which implies the use of a keyboard.  If a company comes out with a keyboard that can help you avoid neck pain, and at the same time, speed up your typing and decrease your errors … than that is a welcome addition to those suffering from neck pain.  The product, according to the creator, Dov Moran, will be available later in the year.  And, by the way, did you know that Dov Moran invented the USB drive?

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