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Natural and Chemical Back Pain Relief Products

Since back pain is such a common occurrence within our society, there are a number of back pain relief product choices for us. Some are natural and some are chemical (i.e., over-the-counter drugs), but regardless both can be safe and at the same time have side effects. Even though something is labeled as natural does not necessarily mean that it is harmless or will not have a negative effect on a person’s mental, physical or emotional well-being. When selecting a back pain relief product, you should do an extensive amount of research in order to ascertain that it is not dangerous. It is also be a good idea to find out what is causing the back pain to make sure that it is not a more serious medical condition that needs to be looked at. There are some benefits and consequences to using both natural and chemical products. Professionals in both areas can usually give you direction and education when you need help selecting a back pain relief product.


Herbal & Natural Back Pain Relief Products

epsom salt for back pain relief
Because heat is such a soothing remedy for back pain, Epson salts (aka magnesium sulfate) are often used for pain relief. It is essential to use the Epson salts in a bath that is as hot as the person can withstand, and to continue to heat the water to insure that it stays warm while in the tub. The recommended dosage is about two cups of Epson salts per bath.

For back pain that is due to intestinal difficulty, a product called Horsetail is often used. It is used to build connective tissue as well as normalize the bowels.

Another back pain relief product is willow bark, which was used by the Ancient Greeks. It is believed that salicin, a substance found in the willow bark, was the agent responsible for providing pain relief. Salicin is what led to the production of aspirin.


Over-The-Counter Pain Relief Products     OTC Pain Killers for Back Pain

The typical chemical or OTC producsts are aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. These typically work by reducing inflammation. When using one of these as a back pain relief product, it is necessary to use the recommended dosage on the bottle or what is prescribed by a physician. Any prolonged use of such products or going over the dosage limit is very dangerous to you and your health.


The plethora of back pain relief products that is available can make your head spin, right? Especially if you are trying to find one that works best for you. Recommendations through medical professionals, friends, and from your own research can help you find a product that will provide you with optimal back pain relief. Side effects and other consequences to the above listed products should be readily available when making a decision.

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