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Profanity And Pain Relief?

Many of us seek natural ways to achieve pain relief, but when I found this WikiPedia page I was a bit amused. However, all joking aside, the use of profanity (aka “swearing”) and pain relief has been documented by scientific research. That said, check out this article …

Profanity & Pain Relief

Hypoalgesic Effect Of Swearing

Research into the hypoalgesic effect of swearing has shown that the use of profanity can help reduce the sensation of pain. This phenomenon is particularly strong in people who do not use such words on a regular basis.”

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It appears the premise behind swearing when you encounter pain is the adrenalin connection. That is, the act of swearing after a painful incident appears to trigger the body to release adrenalin, which … surprise, surprise … is “a natural form of pain relief”. But the caveat is that it only works for those who rarely or don’t use profanity (aka “swear words”) on a daily basis.

So … for those that live a clean-mouth life … just let it out with the good ‘ole “!#%&@?!” when you encounter a painful situation!

I guess we can file this form of natural pain relief in the free but maybe section.



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