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Quell Your Pain With Quell

Here’s another device, called Quell, which you may want to research and determine whether it would be a good fit for your pain toolbox. It’s like a TENS unit, but as others have expressed, it’s easier to use without the mess. Quell uses nerve stimulation to block pain signals within your body, which are electrical impluses generated by a small device. This device is inserted in a wrap-around pouch worn on your either your left or right leg. So the neat thing about Quell is that it’s a wearable and portable pain relief gadget. Check out this article from the site The Pain Community, which includes personal reviews from two individuals on their use of Quell.

Quell, Is It?

Last August 2014, I wrote, The TENS Effect, which was about the use of TENS units as it seemed like TPC members and online viewers had questions about what it is, how it worked and how it can be versatile to help disrupt the pain messages as they attempt to travel through the nervous system. The take home message was, ‘interrupting pain signals can be an effective way of minimizing pain intensity for some of us.’

Little did I know that this spring of 2015, Teresa and I would be invited to test out a new, ‘TENS-like’ nerve stimulation device called Quell. In the spirit of sharing What’s New in pain relief options, we thought you would like to hear about this option and our experience. I believe it illustrates how pain relief differs from person to person, no matter the option used and no matter in what combination. Each of us who lives with pain has different responses, the contents in our pain toolbox looks different and we use our treatment options in different ways—multi-modality, individualized and ‘patient-centered.’ So we are saying from the onset, that this device may work great for some, fair for some and not at all for others.”

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As the article on the site The Pain Community alluded to, pain relief is not a cookie-cutter solution … it’s unique to that individual. So, what works for one may not work for the other. If you’re interested about Quell, check out for details on this new pain relief device, as well as the customer reviews.



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