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Relieve Neck Pain With ChiSoft Neck Traction

Magnetic therapy has been used to treat conditions ranging from cancer, cardiovascular disease, to MS, sleep deprivation, and chronic pain (e.g., lower back, neck). Though not fully supported by scientific research, such treatment is based on the premise that magnets applied to the magnetic field of the body will enhance the natural healing power of the human body. Those who advocate the use of magnets for healing purposes claim that it helps increase energy levels, stabilizes metabolic functions within your body, promotes relaxation and enhances circulation.

Though scientific support for such claims as treating cancer and MS are severely limited, there is evidence that magnetic therapy can help provide pain relief for such conditions as fibromyalgia, arthritis and even neck pain.

So if you suffer from neck pain, why not check out this neck traction device from Chi Activate with the added benefit of  an inner-magnet:


Neck Pain Relief With ChiSoft Neck Traction!


The ChiSoft II Neck Traction For Neck Pain Relief

Here are some hi-lites of this device …

  • It’s light

  • It’s user friendly

  • Uses magnetic therapy

  • Distributes force evenly and gently

  • Supports head and neck effectively

  • It’s a portable neck pain relief device

  • Revolutionary home cervical traction

It’s a great situation (and a great feeling!) if you can receive neck pain relief from the comfort of your own home. The embedded magnet in the neck traction unit is believed to improve blood flow to the area of pain. This will result in the supply of more oxygen and nutrients in the painful area (i.e., your neck), which will result in the reduction of inflammation and pain.

The premise behind magnet therapy is based on the idea that magnets positively affect red blood cells. More specifically, the iron in the red blood cells react to the magnetic field resulting in the increase activity of red blood cells. And thus, the more active the red blood cells, the more more oxygen is used, enhancing the healing process.





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