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RICE and Acute Pain

No, not that type of rice you might be thinking about, but a form of therapy you can do to relieve pain in the comfort of your own home. And today, we’re talking about acute pain. According to WebMD, acute pain “… starts suddenly and usually doesn’t last long”. Similar to an incident where you’re carrying something heavy and accidentally twist your back, resulting in sharp pains in your low back, but in time, the low back pain goes away. See what The New York Times says about “RICE” …

RICE and Pain Relief

Should You Treat Muscle Pain With Ice or Heat?

Q. What determines whether one should use heat or ice to treat muscle and joint pain, especially after exercise?

A. Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, is usually recommended in the immediate aftermath of an acute injury, like a severe bruise or sprain, not mere soreness. The familiar RICE sequence — rest, ice, compression and elevation — helps reduce the pain and inflammation of such an injury. It loses efficacy after a day or so, however, and then gentle warming can help.”

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Oh yes, the debate of when to use ice or apply heat to the area of pain. The consensus is to ice the area of pain immediately after it occurs. This appears to be a more effective treatment in relieving pain. For a more detailed set of instructions on the use of cold/hot therapy, and the how’s and why’s as it relates to back pain relief, check out this article, “Is Ice Better Than Heat To Treat Back Pain?“.



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