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Rid Your Aching Back With These Pain Relief Tips

Many people are suffering from back pain, but don’t have a clue how to treat it properly and get pain relief. Did you know that lower back pain appears to be one of the major reasons for doctor visits? It is estimated that about 80% of adults will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime! On today’s blog post, I will provide some tips to help you treat your aching back without having to spend a ton of money, or taking prescription medications or OTC pain relievers that may have adverse side effects.

Back Pain Relief Tips


Back Pain Relief Tip #1

Try not to slouch while performing any activity, including household chores like vacuuming. Leaning over a vacuum cleaner, or hunching over a sink full of dishes, can further aggravate your back pain. When  you are standing, focus on good posture and try to stand up straight.  When it’s that time of the week to vacuum your home, try to focus on pushing the vacuum with your legs rather than with your arms … that little adjustment will help your back from further injury.


Back Pain Relief Tip #2

Seek out your local natural food store for back pain treatments and remedies. You should find various remedies that provide natural pain relief.  Best bet is to ask one of the store employees regarding an effective natural remedy for your back pain.


Back Pain Relief Tip #3

To reduce back pain quickly, compress your back with a wrap. This will help reduce unnecessary movements that may further bother your back, and thus, help in the healing process. Be careful not to put the wrap on too tight!

Another thing you can do is pick up some Therma-Care back wraps. These wraps have been clinically found to relieve pain for about eight hours.  Can we say ahhhhh …


Back Pain Relief Tip #4

Lose weight! If you are overweight, losing a few pounds can help reduce the strain on your back. Too much burden on your muscles and ligaments can case lower back pain.  Moreover, if you have a weak core and poorly toned muscles, that will increase your odds of experiencing back pain.



Surprised at how common back pain is? I hope you got a few valuable tips from reading today’s blog post to help find relief for your aching back.  Here’s to natural pain relief!

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