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Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain ReliefLately, I have been experiencing shoulder pain on the right side of the body. I can feel it, especially when I try to scratch my shoulder on the left, as I stretch my right arm to get at it. Unlike those who cannot raise their arms above the head due to pain, I have no problems raising both arms up. Since I have increased the number of reps for push-ups and changed from a push-up plank to a forearm plank, I figured that was the cause of my shoulder pain. Exercises to stretch the chest muscles by squeezing your shoulder blades as you bring your shoulders back did help somewhat, but it wasn’t hitting the right spot. Little did I know that it may have been the way I was sleeping! Check out today’s video if you are experiencing shoulder pain similar to my situation, as the exercises in it were very helpful in relieving my shoulder pain.


Living with pain is a drag. I hope the video gave you some pointers in getting relief. Remember, doing the exercises only once would probably not do the trick. You’ll need to do them on a regular basis, and for a period of time in order to experience any results . And if your shoulder pain still persists, get it diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.



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