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Simple Tips On How To Deal With Your Back Pain

Living with back pain can be a monumental challenge for many of us. When you are suffering from such pain, getting through your day to day routines can be quite difficult. And as tough as it is to live with back pain, there are a number of simple things you can do to make life easier for you. Check out this article from the site, where a chiropractor provides some helpful advice for that pain in your life.

Tips For Back Pain Relief

8 Ways To Overcome Back Pain

Feelings of aches and pains in the lower back can make almost any activity difficult.

Repetitive motions at work, poor posture, inactivity, sitting for long periods of time and obesity are common causes of lower back pain.

To help relieve minor to moderate back pain, Dr. Michael Huppert from Five Points Chiropractic in Athens offers the following suggestions.”

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In a nutshell, the article provided the following tips to combat back pain …

  • Get Active
  • O-T-C Meds Good Short-Term
  • Use Hot Or Cold Packs
  • Get Appropriate Mattress & Pillow
  • Sleep On Your Side
  • Practice Yoga
  • Explore Physical Therapy, Massage, & Acupuncture
  • Find A Chiropractor

I agree with all of the tips, except his take on the end result of using hot and/or cold packs for your back pain. Yes, applying ice works. You can get those blue ice packs from your local drug store, pop them in the freezer, and use them as cold packs (wrapped in a towel) and apply them on the area of pain overnight . I does wonders for your pain after using it for 3-4 days straight. As discussed on a previous blog post, the end result of using heat or cold is the same. That is, it results in increased blood flow to the affected area, and thus, enhances the healing process on your back pain.



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