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Spinal Stenosis – UnPlugged!

Okay, sorry for that cheezy title and being MTV-era-ish. In the past blog posts, we looked into Sciatica, and the various conditions which causes it. One of the conditions is called spinal stenosis, in which the spinal canal is narrowed by factors such as old age, heredity or injuries, causing undue pressure on the sciatic nerve. This results in sciatic pain. Previous posts just skimmed the surface of this condition, and today I’d like to go a little deeper into the topic of spinal stenosis. For example, I did not know that there are two types of spinal stenosis, one being more serious than the other. That said, here’s the article from the site Spine-Health that will provide you with a very detail and thorough information on this condition …

Spinal Stenosis


What is Spinal Stenosis?

While the term “stenosis” comes from Greek and means a “choking”, spinal stenosis, however, has little in common with choking. So what is spinal stenosis?

There are two types of spinal stenosis: lumbar stenosis and cervical stenosis. While lumbar spinal stenosis is more common, cervical spinal stenosis is often more dangerous because it involves compression of the spinal cord, as explained below in more detail.”

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The article can get a bit technical, but for an in-depth and thorough view of spinal stenosis, it was valuable. We found out that lumbar stenosis is the condition that is responsible for causing sciatica pain. The article discussed surgical and non-surgical treatments for it, too. And if you’re in a hurry, then you can check out their video on spinal stenosis.



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