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Receive cutting edge pain relief from The Healthy Back Institute using their natural anti-inflammatories, pain relieving cream, far-infrared heating pad & inversion therapy.

The Healthy Back Institute

The Healthy Back Institute: Back and Neck Pain & Sciatica Relief

Healthy Back Institute Pain Relief

The Healthy Back Instituteoffers products that provide relief from such conditions as sciatica, back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, and pain, in general.  Their products range from nonsurgical spinal decompression devices (e.g., for inversion therapy), natural anti-inflammatories supplements, topical applications like the all-natural pain relieving cream, other implements such as chairs, cushions, far-infrared heating pad, and educational resources, all focused on providing pain relief. The Healthy Back Institute, founded in 2001, is ranked #595 in the 2011 Inc. 500/5000 listing.  Its ranking shows that the company is a very stable, strong and a successful, fast growing business.  Its primary purpose is focused on helping people live pain free lives.

The Healthy Back Institute’s Mission

  • Enlighten people by exposing the many flaws with the current medical system
  • Transform the way people with back pain are evaluated and treated
  • Educate, empower and bring lasting relief to millions of people in the world who suffer from back pain so they can live normal lives
  • Develop and provide the most effective pain relief products, services and resources in the world
  • Strive to always over-deliver on our promises and WOW every customer and client
  • Invest time, money and resources to support various charities throughout the world


The Healthy Back Institute’s Products

The Healthy Back Institute, made popular by their “Lose the Back Pain” System and inversion tables, has expanded its support base, providing alternate treatments to those suffering from shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain and foot pain.  Probably the one thing that sets this company apart from the rest is their unique line of high quality and very effective products.  Not only that, the company provides cutting edge information on pain management and pain relief, which you can get for free or for a nominal fee.

Healthy Back Institute Pain Relief


Products Recommended By The Healthy Back Institute For Pain Relief

The following are products recommended by The Healthy Back Institute (HBI) that will help reduce, relieve and eliminate your pain in the following areas, such as sciatica, back pain, neck pain and herniated discs.  Here are a sample of the products they offer:

  • Back Ease.  Healthy Back Institute BackEaseBack Ease is an excellent machine to relieve those painful herniated discs, and thus, achieve relief from your back pain. As an alternative to traction therapy via the inversion table, this machine will also help decompress your spine. And moreover, it has been shown to minimize or eliminate back pain. Use the machine to decompress your spine with one simple stretch.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • Heating Pads.Healthy Back Institute Infrared Heating PadThese Heating Pads are effective in providing relief for back pain, neck pain and sciatica.  They emit far-infrared light, which passes through rows of embedded jade that further enhances the power of far-infrared energy.  And thus, you can consider it a far-infrared heating pad.  As the jade gets heated, it delivers the far-infrared waves deep into your skin, about 2-3 inches into the body’s muscle tissues and ligaments.  It creates this warm, soothing and cleansing effect, which ultimately provides relief in the area of pain.  Far-infrared heat promotes the dilation of the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the area of pain.  This process, which is generated by the far-infrared heating pad, provides oxygen and nutrients to the area in need, and thus, promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and relieves the pain.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • Rub on ReliefHealthy Back Institute Rub On ReliefRub On Relief,  a natural anti-inflammatories product, is a topical pain relieving cream that consists of natural ingredients, has anti-inflammatory features, and is used for long-lasting pain relief.  Bottom line, this sore muscle relief and pain relief cream works, and it works fast!  Apply Rub On Relief wherever there’s pain on your body.  It will provide relief for your lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain … anywhere you feel pain on your body.  Rub On Relief is grease-FREE as well as odor-FREE.  There are no side effects with this cream, and the more you use it, the more effective Rub On Relief becomes in minimizing and eliminating pain all together.  The ten all-natural and powerful ingredients found in this pain relieving cream works synergistically to provide pain relief from all sorts of angles.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]

  • Heal-n-SootheHealthy Back Institute Heal-n-SootheHeal-n-Soothe, like its topical cream counter-part (i.e., Rub On Relief), contains all-natural pain relief supplements.  These natural anti-inflammatories use the power of proteolytic enzymes to provide relief from pain and inflammation.  Like the endogenous antioxidants, as we age, the proteolytic enzyme levels in our bodies also decrease.  Experts say those levels start falling as early as 25-27 years of age!  And the reason why proteolytic enzymes are significant in our pursuit of pain relief is that they are the first line of defense against pain and inflammation.  Each capsule of Heal-n-Soothe contains an amazing array of enzymes, extracts from herbs, plants and fruits, as well as Vitamin-E that make up a powerful proteolytic enzyme formula.  End result?  Heal-n-Soothe heals the “underlying condition” that is causing you pain, giving you quick relief from pain and a long-term solution to pain relief.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • Inversion TablesHealthy Back Institute Inversion TableThe back pain Inversion Table from The Healthy Back Institute helps you minimize or remove various forms of back pain through inversion therapy.  It is effective at decompressing the spine, resulting in relief from herniated discs.  So how does this inversion therapy work?  Well, for starters you will need a way to reduce the effect of gravity pressing down on the vertebrae and discs of your spine.  You can do a headstand or find a way to hang from your feet.  Okay, that may not be the most effective nor the safest way to receive inversion therapy.  A better way is to use an Inversion Table for back pain.  This will allow you to stay in the inverted position while you lay comfortably on your back.  Bottom line, it has been established that inversion therapy actually increases the space between the spine’s discs, resulting in pain relief from the back pain.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • Lose The Back Pain SystemHealthy Back Institute Lose the Back Pain SystemLose the Back Pain System is a 3-part program focused on helping you get relief from your back pain.  And in addition to back pain relief, this program can help you get relief from neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other debilitating conditions.  It contains a two-DVD and three-CD audio set as well as an in-depth reference manual known as the “Back Pain Bible”.  This back pain relief program will first help you identify what “physical dysfunctions” you have, followed by strategies to reduce and manage your area of pain (for example, through exercises, stretches, and self-treatments), and provide you with an easy to follow reference source that includes your “personal corrective exercises… stretches… and pain reduction strategies”.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]


Ergonomic Products From The Healthy Back Institute

These carefully designed ergonomic products will provide optimum, daily support for your body, and moreover, for a proper body alignment. These products will provide the comfort and ease needed for your body to function in the day-to-day environment. Here are a sample of the products they offer:

  • Freedom BackHealthy Back Institute Freedom BackThe Freedom Back, according to The Healthy Back Institute, is the “Cadillac of back support pillows”.  It will help you sit on a chair or seat with good posture while reducing undue pressure on your spine and back.  Sitting with poor posture will further aggravate your existing back pain, as well as worsen existing conditions such as herniated discs.  In fact, all the hard work you put into your pain relief efforts will all be for naught!  That’s where The Freedom Back comes into play.  Not only does it help you sit on a chair or seat with good posture, it is designed to provide you with the ultimate back support.  For example, you receive full back support from your hips all the way up to the upper back, and its shape fits the small of the back, providing total comfort for your lumbar region.  To top that, it even gives you a nice massage!  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • Back Pain ChairHealthy Back Institute Best Chair For Bad BacksThis chair, according to The Healthy Back Institute, is the best chair for your back … if you have back pain or not.  They call it “The Best Chair for Bad Backs” because you can comfortably sit on it without experiencing pain.  Its design provides your back with support, and gives you the freedom to move naturally while holding a comfortable and “biomechanically correct posture”.  “The Best Chair for Bad Backs” can be your designated office chair for back pain at your working place or your home office.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]


Weight Loss Products From The Healthy Back Institute

Being overweight at unhealthy levels will open the door to a number of diseases and serious health issues.  And, overweight and obese individuals are much more vulnerable to conditions resulting in muscle strain, neck, joint and back pain as compared to those who are fit and at heathy weight levels.  Due to the excess weight around the core, it causes the pelvis to be pulled forward, resulting in lower back pain due to the strain it puts on the lower back.  Obesity also has the potential to result in lower back pain and sciatica due to herniated discs caused by the excess weight.  HBI carries a number of quaity products to help you lose the weight and start living a pain free life.  In addition to their flagship weight loss product, “ThinMist Weight Loss Spray”, here are a sample of the products they offer:

  • Thin Mist Spray for FAT Loss - Healthy Back InstituteThinMist Spray. A recent New England Journal of Medicine study discovered a powerful fat burner that burns body fat (of course!), puts your metabolism in high gear, and lowers your blood sugar levels.  And the kicker is that it does it without exercise or diet.  Note, there are a number of studies that confirm that this fat burner works whether you exercise and/or diet or not.  And, moreover, it’s safe.  I believe that including some exercise and making your diet a bit more healthy, wouldn’t hurt.  In fact, a combination of that and the ThinMist Spray, which contains that remarkable fat burner ingredient known to “increase muscle mass … boost energy levels … and improve bone health”,  will probably give you some incredible results in your fat loss efforts.  Interested in how this new discovery can actually help you to empty out your fat cells?  [Click Here For Product Details ...]
  • No Excuse WorkOut DVD - Healthy Back InstituteNO Excuse WORKOUT DVD.  Research has found that the best way to burn fat and put your your health and energy into high gear is through brief but intense exercises, not by walking or jogging on the treadmill or doing boring cardio for hours.  In fact, by doing 30 minutes (or less minutes) total per week of the correct high-intensity exercises is known to help burn your body fat quickly, lower cholesterol, improve your immune system, reduce chronic pain, lower your blood sugar, and even boost your energy levels.  It appears that short bursts of exercise provides better results than longer duration, even-keeled exercises, and moreover, those longer-period workouts have the potential to increase free radicals within your body.  So, what is the ideal exercise program to help you shed those pounds and burn those unwanted body fat, increase your muscle, and boost your health rapidly?  Check out the “NO Excuse WORKOUT” 2-set DVD.  You’ll get 20 4-minute workouts to help you blast the fat away.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]



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Take action, checkout The Healthy Back Institute, and find your way to a pain free life today.

Healthy Back Institute Pain Relief

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