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The Inversion Table a Cure for Back Pain?

The inversion table, otherwise known as a back pain relief table, has been around for a little while. If your back pain is caused by compressed discs along your spine, then the inversion table could be the product to relieve your back pain. Why? Because it helps you stretch your back and adjust the discs back to their normal position. The inversion table literally puts you in an upside-down hanging position, allowing the spine to decompress as well as relieve pressure on the associated discs and the nerves. End result? Relief from back pain!

Inversion Table For Back Pain

It is purported that the inversion table has health benefits other than providing back pain relief. Some say that it can enhance the body’s circulation, as well as increase your flexibility.

The inversion table is rarely used for individuals with serious back problems. In addition, it is essential when the table is being used for the first couple of times, that someone else is standing by as a spotter just in case health problems occur or someone needs help getting out of the apparatus. It is not recommended for people to use the back pain relief table or inversion therapy to relieve their back pain if they have specific health problems. These health problems include heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain eye diseases such as glaucoma. However, it is also suggested that if you are pregnant that you do not use this therapy either.

If you have been given the green light to use the inversion table from your doctor, then it is essential that you follow some guidelines regarding its usage. It is necessary for the person to start off very slowly and use very light levels of inversion. It is good practice to always have a spotter in case there is an emergency. The inversion therapy is not going to be helpful for everyone, and everyone may not enjoy the therapy. It can be said that hanging or lying upside down while attached to an apparatus is not for every individual. Before using inversion therapy it is suggested that you research it as much as possible before purchasing a machine, or if possibe, try it out.

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