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The Plank Is Good For Your Back Pain

We all exercise to stay fit or to get fit. And exercise, done the right way, can help reduce inflammation, and even help with your back pain. I love planks because it is a great alternative to sit-ups and crunches, and it’s a much safer exercise to help strengthen your core and lower back muscles. Here’s an article from the site The Des Moines Register, which discusses the benefits of the plank.


Plank For Your Lower Back Pain


Plank Goodness

Just for fun, Vic Morales and his kids started doing planks together on the living room floor to see who could hold it the longest.

But it wasn’t long before Morales, a long-distance runner, realized planking is a great core and upper body workout to supplement his running.

‘I’ve been a runner for about 28 years now, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost flexibility and some core strength,’ said Morales, 40, who sneaks in 2- to 3-minute planks between conference calls at work. ‘Planks offer a new way to keep my midsection strong and it really does help with my running form, especially the latter part of the race where you’re struggling to stay strong. I would definitely say it also adds a mental confidence during races.’

More than just about any other exercise you can think of, planks work your entire body. While planks focus primarily on the core muscles in your abdominals and low back, they also work your shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, back, and legs.”

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Planks are not only a good exercise to strengthen your core muscles, but good for your lower back pain, as well. The lower you are to the ground, the harder the plank will be. So, if you’re just starting to work on the plank exercise, then I’d recommend doing the push-up plank first. Once you get a little stronger, focus on the forearm plank. Check out this video from Rick Kaselj on the proper way to perform a plank exercise to benefit your lower back pain.




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