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Three Simple But Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Back

On a recent USA Weekend article titled “Ways to strengthen your back“, it included an interview with the co-authors of the book 7 Minute Back Pain Solution.  The co-authors, Gerard J. Girasole (physican) and Cara Hartman (certified public trainer), offered three effective but simple to do techniques to strengthen your back.  I, being passionate about functional living, which includes functional strength, realize that having a healthy back is an integral part for us to live functionally into our “golden years”.  Once you injure your back or twist it in a weird direction, it may be harder to heal or even prevent without a good supporting cast.  These following techniques will “help relieve the pain and prevent it from coming back”:

  • Strengthen your core

  • Be sure to stretch

  • Strengthen with housework

Let’s see what the co-authors recommend …

Abs Exercise to strengthen your back

Strengthen Your Back With Good Core Muscles

“Think about all the muscles encircling your center, not just the abs. ‘Your core has many different muscles, which help you move and protect and keep your spine stable,’ the authors say. Without strong muscles, you automatically increase your risk for suffering from back pain in the future.”

Stretching Will Help Strengthen Your BackStretching to strengthen your back

“Make stretching part of your daily routine, not just before working out. ‘We’re stretching for our own game plan so we can function at the top of our form and do what it is we’re here to do,’ the authors say. Stretching improves your posture and blood circulation, relieves stress and reduces muscle tension.”

Household chores to strengthen your backChores At Home Can Strengthen Your Back

“Whether you need to mop, vacuum or sweep, you can strengthen your core and back while doing chores. ‘Stand upright, contract your abdominals, and use your arms and legs — not your back — when pushing and pulling a vacuum cleaner,’ the authors say. You’ll be contracting the right muscles and avoiding back pain.”



You can read the complete USA Weekend article over here at ===>>> “Ways to strengthen your back“.

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