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What Are Muscle Spasms?

Back Muscle Spasms
If you experience muscle spasms, then in most cases, you probably are feeling it in the area of your lower back. Unlike lower back pain, lower back muscle spasms are involuntary tightening of back muscles, and they are painful. In general, back spasms occur occasionally, however, some people experience chronic back spasms.

Muscles have this inherent self-defense mechanism which reacts when they are being overworked or overly stretched out. And as you can imagine, the natural reaction of the muscles is to tighten up or contract in order to protect itself from further damage. These types of back muscle spasms don’t last too long, and an individual usually recovers by resting up and receiving the appropriate treatments.





However, when those back muscle spasms don’t go away for a long time with the appropriate treatments, or you get them frequently, then you might have chronic back spasms. This is usually a sign that there is an underlying problem causing the spasms. For example, pain generated from a herniated disc can cause the muscles around that area to contract, resulting in muscle spasms. And thus, those are the types of back muscle spasms that need to be addressed by a medical professional and correctly diagnosed to determine what is actually causing the muscle spasms. And thus, the treatment must focus on the underlying problem. Otherwise, those back muscle spasms will come back and continue to cause pain and havoc in your life.


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