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What The Heck Is Mixed Pain Syndrome?

Back PainAccording to Steve Hefferon from The Healthy Back Institute, mixed pain syndrome is perhaps the major reason why people never find pain relief and suffer with pain throughout their lives. This is due to the fact that they don’t understand the concept of mixed pain syndrome. And more specifically, that pain is caused not by one specific factor, but maybe two or more factors combined. Here’s the article from the site Lose The Back Pain for additional information of today’s topic …


Mixed Pain Syndrome Is it Keeping You in Pain?

Despite advances in medical technology and breakthrough self-help programs for pain, people are still suffering. Here at The Healthy Back Institute we pride ourselves on being in the know, at the very core of the back pain issue.

We have developed the international best-selling Lose the Back Pain system, all natural anti-inflammatory supplements and present other products and services that we have vetted and deem “superior.”

Yet people are still suffering needlessly. Why? Because most of us want to label our back pain issue as one thing–like spinal stenosis or herniated disk or some other issue. Yet despite medical “diagnosis” and “disease naming,” the truth is that most people’s pain is not caused by just one thing. It is caused by at least two… and this is called Mixed Pain Syndrome.”

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The article stated the fact that in order to find relief from pain and to avoid getting pain the future, you need to address the physical aspect of the pain, your mindset to pain and your overall nutrition.

A multi-faceted attack on your pain makes sense. And as Steve Hefferon mentioned, that’s healing as compared to taking an NSAID to cover up the pain. Bottom line, your pain can come from multiple sources, and you need to deal with each of them using different techniques and treatments.


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