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Why Does Low Back Pain Keep Coming Back?

Muscles Can Help With Low Back PainWho said having strong ab muscles are only good for showing off your six-pack?  Well, having nice abs with a six-pack is cool, but managing your weight at healthy levels and having functional ab muscles are one of the keys to reducing low back pain.  That could also include your leg and back muscles, as well as your glutes.  You could take prescription pain medications or even over-the-counter drugs for pain relief, however, those only treat the symptoms rather than target the cause of the pain.  And, moreover, such pain medications, if taken over a long period of time, has been known to be addictive or cause serious side effects.  Natural treatments may be the way to go.

Here’s an informative article from The Mercury.  You can find out more about new research and treatment for low back pain in this article:


Why Does Low Back Pain Recur? New Research Findings and Treatment …

“Evidence suggests approximately 34 percent of people who experience acute low back pain will suffer recurrent episodes (Journal Pain, 2009). One theory is that patients with an episode of acute low back pain lose motor control (ability to orderly and quickly contract muscles) of the deep muscle fibers of the lumbar spine. A recent research article demonstrated the connection between altered deep low back muscle activity and recurrent low back pain. It was shown that low back muscle activation occurred later in the participants with low back pain versus the normal population without back pain (Spine, April 2010). Any delay in muscle firing of the spinal stabilizers may lead to abnormal spinal movement.”

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The article discussed the implications of having a healthy body with functional muscle strength in your abs and those that support your spine and back, especially when it comes to minimizing low back pain.  The Healthy Back Institute has great products like the Lose The Back Pain system that focus on targeting muscles to correct what they call “muscle imbalance”.  Here’s a video that discusses why sitting too long can cause low back pain due to “muscle imbalance”:


Healthy Back Institute


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