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Get your innovative pain relief products from Chi Activate: Neck traction devices, microwavable heating pad, aromatherapy diffuser & cupping therapy.

Chi Activate

Chi Activate: Innovative Products For Healing

Chi Activate Pain Relief

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Chi Activate offers a nice array of beauty and wellness products, such as neck traction devices, microwavable heating pad, and devices for cupping therapy and even an aromatherapy diffuser.  However, their primary purpose is to provide cutting edge health products that facilitate and enhance the natural healing ability of our human body.  “Chi” means life-force in Chinese.  So if you look at what “Chi Activate” means, then you can understand and appreciate their focus … that is, to activate your life-force.  Their products are drug-free and work synergistically with the amazing healing powers of the human body, resulting in natural, effective pain relief.


The Chi Activate Advantage

  • Products are well researched and tested

  • Their customer service is rated as being one of the best

  • Offer high quality and innovative products with a reasonable price tag

  • Free eBook downloads loaded with information to improve your quality of life

  • As a standard service, they offer fast shipping and best pricing guarantees

  • Their online ordering system is secure and worry fee with user-friendly navigation

  • Free tips and information on alternative treatments, pain relief and massage therapy

  • Sign up for their monthly free e-coupons to receive valuable resources and cost savings


Chi Activate’s Products

Chi Activate offers products for general pain relief, aromatherapy, neck pain relief, back pain relief, heating pads and even sleeping solutions.  It is interesting that they also offer products that address stress (i.e., aromatherapy) and sleep.  And research has found that stress, as well as poor sleeping habits are also factors that can cause pain.  The following are a sampling of products they offer:

Chi Activate’s ChiSoft Neck Traction Device

Chi Activate ChiSoft Neck TractionThe ChiSoft neck traction devices will help relieve your neck pain, and more importantly, do it without the use of drugs.  This device gently stretches the tight muscles and relieves the joint pressure in the neck.  And thus, this stretching action alleviates the intra-vertebral disc pressure, which results in relief from your neck pain.  The ChiSoft neck traction devices offer relief from neck strain and tension, relieves a sore and stiff neck, and promotes good posture.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]

Chi Activate’s ChiOndo Heating Pad

Chi Activate ChiOndo Heating PadThe ChiOndo Heating Pad comes in several “flavors”, one being a wrap-like heating pad and the other being a shoulder-based heating pad.  Once heated, this microwavable heating pad emits far-infrared rays which not only provides you with a safe and comfortable warming sensation, but is known to penetrate deep within the skin tissue to facilitate the healing process of the body.  Due to the power of the far- infrared rays, the ChiOndo Heating Pad offers relief from shoulder and back pain, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue.  The microwavable heating pad is also known to help you relax and reduce stress. [Click Here For Product Details ...]

Chi Activate’s ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser

Chi Activate ChiSpa Aromatherapy DiffuserThe ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser is an easy and effective way to relieve stress from your hectic and chaotic day at work or from your day-to-day responsibilities.  Just a few drops of the right essential oil, and bingo, you’ll enjoy hours of relaxation.  Use the ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser, not only for stress relief, but for better sleep as well.  So you might be thinking … “what does stress relief have to do with pain relief”, right?  Fair question.  Okay, and here’s why.  If you don’t have an outlet for the frustration, resentment, anger, etc. caused by your hectic and chaotic day, those emotions can manifest themselves into stress, which leads to physiological changes in your body, such as muscle spasms and tension.  This then can result in the misalignment of your vertebrae, which can ultimately manifest as headaches, severe back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.  So you see why the ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser can be a valuable tool for your pain relief efforts.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]

Chi Activate’s Suction Cupping

Chi Activate Suction CuppingSuction cupping, considered an alternate form of massage and acupuncture, involves the formation of a vacuum right above the area of pain.  This suction, created by a suction cup and a connected hand pump, pulls and relaxes the tight and restricted tissue, drawing increased blood flow to the tissues in need.  This in turn, provides the much needed nutrients to the damaged tissue, such as lipids, oxygen, and glucose, facilitating the healing process.  The additional use of magnetic needles also enhances the flow of blood, resulting in a “profound vasodilation reaction”.  Since suction cupping therapy is generally practiced on your back, on the sides of the spine area, Chi Activate recommends that competent and qualified individuals perform the cupping therapy.  This is to avoid any form of injury to due to the misuse of suction cupping.  [Click Here For Product Details ...]

Suction Cupping Therapy In Action


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Chi Activate Pain Relief

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