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Knee Pain Exercises

When we start an exercise program, we may go all out and get injured, resulting in pain somewhere on the body, such as knee pain. It’s common, especially if your exercise routine calls for squats and lunges. They are both great bodyweight exercises, but if you got knee pain, it probably won’t feel too good on your knees. Interestingly enough, such pain could be caused by an imbalance of your hip to your knee, and/or knee to your foot. So it may not be just in the area of your knees, but the surrounding areas as well. Weak quadriceps muscles (aka “quads”) could also trigger knee pain. Here’s a video that presents three exercises for your knees that may help you …

Even though the video mentioned that you needed to perform those exercises for about a week or so, my knees felt pretty good after performing the three knee exercises for two straight days. It’s too early to determine whether those exercises provide long term relief on the knees, however, so far I have not felt any knee pain while doing prisoner squats, backward and forward lunges. But I’ll make sure to include those knee exercises on those days off from bodyweight training.

Again, those knee exercises on the video focused on the quads, however, it is possible that you may have to work on imbalances between the hip and knee, and/or knee and foot, in order to get relief from your knee pain.



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