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Try This Spice For Pain Relief

Is there an alternate form of pain relief rather than relying on OTC pain relievers? Yes, I believe there is! It’s effective, economical, and easy to implement. Curry anyone? Well, okay, not really the curry, but actually the curcumin¬†in the spice turmeric, which is considered a natural painkiller for aching pain. Why is that? Because it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, a necessary factor for effectively treating pain.

Turmeric Pain Relief

Here’s an article from Dr. Andrew Weil’s site which talks about the healing powers of tumeric, and a way to get some into your system …


Healthy Turmeric Tea

A spicy dish of Indian biryani and a hot dog purchased at the ball game may seem to have little in common, but both feature a liberal quantity of turmeric (Curcuma longa). In the biryani, the spice is an essential part of the curry mixture that gives the dish its distinctive zing. In the dog, turmeric is what makes the slathering of American mustard bright yellow.

The good news about this cross-cultural spice is that elderly villagers in India, who eat turmeric in their daily curries, have the world’s lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease. That does not appear to be a coincidence. In a study at the University of California at Los Angeles, scientists fed curcumin, an active compound in turmeric tea, to rats prone to accumulate beta-amyloid plaque in their brains – the abnormality associated with Alzheimer’s disease in humans. Curcumin blocked the plaque’s accumulation. It also appeared to reduce inflammation related to Alzheimer’s disease in neural tissue. The rats fed curcumin also performed better on memory tests than rats on normal diets.

Other studies have suggested turmeric has broad anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects as well.”

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Bottom line, pain is a pain! However, as I mentioned in today’s blog post, pain can be relieved by a herb/spice with anti-inflammatory powers, namely turmeric. Dr. Weil offered an easy way to get turmeric into your body by preparing a simple turmeric tea. Another way to get turmeric into your diet is to get a bottle of ground turmeric from your favorite natural food shop, and use it as a topping on your meals. A recommended dosage is about 1 to 3 grams of ground turmeric. Of course, you can also have curry, too!


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